Portland January 15, 2015

Is Winter Over?

Outside the office this morning, I saw a whole bunch of robins, and also a hummingbird. Is it spring already? One can dream, right? The weather may not be ready to cooperate, but spring does come quickly to real estate. We saw the typical yearly slowdown with the holidays this year, but two weeks into 2015, it already feels like that season is long behind us.

I held an open house this weekend and saw more traffic than I'd had at any open house all throughout the fall. Just about everyone said the same thing — that they were "just starting to look; hoping to buy around March." March is just six weeks away. We're already seeing a steady flow of new listings, and lots more interested buyers out there shopping. It's getting exciting now! 

Are you ready to start looking, or thinking about listing your home? Give me a call and we can get moving quickly to be a part of the real estate spring that's just getting started.