Home DecorRenovations June 20, 2016

Will Clear Wood be a Building Game-Changer?

Engineers at the University of Maryland have created a process that removes color from wood. The video above shows the process — and what's left after they're done is a transparent wood that is even stronger than natural wood. The researchers have so far only used this process on small pieces of wood in the lab, but they believe that we could be using this clear wood in large building projects within the next five years. Maybe your next home will have windows made of wood! 

The material isn't entirely transparent. You can see through it, but it's a little bit grainy. Maybe the research will improve the clarity, or maybe this grainy but clear wood will be perfect for certain building uses. Perhaps you could have the look of a modern glass building, but without the heat and glare inside. 

Would you be interested in wooden window panes in your home? I'm curious how we'll see this put to use in construction and design over the next few years!