Portland January 20, 2015

That’s So Portland!

When I talk to my friends about my life in Portland, I hear the phrase "That's so Portland!" all the time. This city is full of unique opportunities and experiences, and living here, it's easy to take for granted just how unusual — not to mention fun, interesting, exciting — my routine can be. 

We've got all the usual big city stuff, so if you want to live a normal life in Portland, you certainly can. But whatever your quirks and interests, there's a niche for you here. Talking with my friends about New Years resolutions, we got into discussions about what we were working on to be more fit. Some friends run, others go to crossfit gyms, but then there's the guy who's taking partner acrobatics classes, my girlfriend who is getting really into roller derby, and another friend who is taking a men's burlesque class (he's also joined a ukelele jam band). That's so Portland.

I made it a goal for myself this year to take advantage of more "That's so Portland!" opportunities. I asked my local friends for suggestions for more Portlandy ideas. Last weekend I went to a demonstration for a glass art school. In a couple of weeks, I'll be running in The Worst Day of the Year 5K, where runners dress in wild costumes and celebrate the dumpy January weather. Because why not? And there's a new food truck I have to try — PBJ's Grilled, gourmet grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Maybe this summer I'll learn to ride a unicycle. 

What are your "That's so Portland!" experiences?

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It looks like sound check before a concert, but they're actually getting ready to run in the Starlight Run, one of many annual costume 5K races in Portland. Photo by Swanny Mouton on Flickr