Uncategorized November 22, 2014

Indoor Portland Fun for the Cold, Wet Weather

Summer put up a fight well into October this year, and I certainly took advantage of outdoor opportunities like hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and food cart lunch dates downtown, but then winter hit Portland like a freight train. It's been a little rainy and bitterly cold for the last few weeks, and the great outdoors just isn't very appealing right now. 

I like to combat cabin fever by taking classes in the winter months. Living in a city like Portland means there's a plethora of ways for me to expand my horizons (and skill sets). This year I've been taking sewing classes at PCC. I went from completely useless at sewing to kind of able to actually do it in just a few weeks of classes, and I got some rad new clothes out of it, too. I've also really enjoyed classes at Let It Bead, where I learned how to make all kinds of funky jewelry. I also take real estate classes that teach me how to be a better agent for you, but these aren't nearly as fun as clothing and jewelry.

Portland is also known as one of the coffee capitals of the universe, and you can find cozy cafes with great warm beverages on every street in the city. If you're one of those crazy nuts like me who never acquired the taste for coffee, I suggest the Bourbon Furnace cocktail available at most McMenamins pubs. (You're welcome.)

How do you combat cabin fever?